★bucks Promotions!

I can't believe it took me a MONTH to publish a new post.  Long story short, it was a disaster month.. things are too personal so I'm just going to skip the details. 

Anyways, Starbucks is having this fantastic promotionS!!! YES! they are actually holding two events at a time. But a thing that I cannot believe is that they are giving out a promotion for NEW customers for this Free $5 GC. 
Hey, Starbucks! after I spent dollars and dollars for your drink/food purchases, I don't qualify for this at all? I mean I still get some free drink/food if I spent 12 transactions (I'm a goldie ;-> sorry I had to brag!) but still! Oh well.. I guess I'll pass on this to others.. by purchasing new GCs and creating new account for my parents! haha
So, if you have a Starbucks Gift Card and has not registered yours yet, go to www.starbucks.com and create your account, then register your card. Within 24 hours, Starbucks will automatically add $5 to your GC.
You can buy GC minimum $5, so after all that process, you are actually doubling up your money! :*]
By the way, only Gift Cards, not eGifts!
HURRY! This offer ends tomorrow, March 14th!

Say, you read this posting on the late night of 14th.. don't worry, be happy! Starbucks got another promotion! FREE Hazelnut/Caramel Macchiato Drink! And this offer is good until the 31st :-]
I had a Hazelnut Macchiato yesterday and loved it! It probably would have tasted better if I used this coupon ;-] I am going to SB tomorrow morning to get my Macchiato <3


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